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First Step

Hello every one. My name is Sober and I am a relatively new player to Eve Online. I am looking to make this blog into a guide for new players looking to make enough ISK to fund there accounts. Now there are a couple of different ways I would like to explore for this to happen. The first experiment I would like to do is by using Planetary Interaction. My goal is to have a setup that, as of 1.12.2016, would require a player to make 35mil ISK per day. Over a month that would cover the current cost of a PLEX. Now the plan is this, beg for ISK.

The main reason I would like to do this would be for the education of new players. I also think that veterins of the game would also learn from this experiment. Now I am not talking about asking for money in game though if you look me up I am more than willing to accept ISK that way. What I want to do is make anough ISK from the website ISKstarter, to cover the cost of 3 months of PLEX. Why only 3 months?

Simple I am going to be using this guide: Link. This redit post has a skill plan that will get a new player to a good ISK making point in 21 days. Now I would love to receive more than this because I would also like to do more guides, such as ones for exploration, ratting and industry. But for this I will be needing either the help of the Eve Online community thru donations or I can at least start snow balling with one account.

Now that I have a plan in place I will be looking for your input. I have setup a Facebook account and I would like it if you could provide some feedback. Thank you for your time and look forward to seeing you learn with me on how to get to a point  in the game where money is not preventing you from enjoying the game.


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