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Already messed up

So I have made the character soberthought so we have that going right now skilling into Gallente frigates. I will most likely going down a mining skill path till I upgrade account. Now the big boo boo so far is that when uploading my campaign on ISKstarter I forgot to include the website. So I have emailed the people at ISKstarter to see if they or I can edit the ad to include this site. Fingers cross that not only I can get it changed but that the campaign even gets going on the site.

Now all is not lost, I will have to upgrade the subscription manually eventually. I will do this in 1 months time if this ISKstarter site either turns down the campaign or I don’t receive any funds.

Again any help is going toward the production of this guide. For the next I will be gathering links for players to use. Expect an update tomorrow on the campaign as I will continue to make this site available to as many social media outlets as is possible.


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